Looking behind the scenes

In the generational change, the problem is increasingly emerging that more value is placed on the outward appearance is laid, while at the same time the human values will be neglected. In the later course of the acquaintance turns out then, that the harmony between the two humans is not given.

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Connection by questions

To pursue the intention of bringing people closer to the fact that more value is placed on the character traits must be laid, with the outward appearance only secondary can be assessed.

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Your finger on the Eyes

The first appearance is based on the iris, behind the who hides every personality that you've been i have to look deep into it. Discover for yourself interesting people and position them on your free becons. Make sure that the space is limited. Therefore only deal with those persons who are available to you at the the most important. Don't miss anything thanks to our push notifications.

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Answer Questions

Don't be superficial, just judge people. Based on his inner values. do not forget, the profile picture is is not apparent at first. We will help you step by step for step to expose yours to the world, and thereby to get to know each other properly. Don't despair - our features are at your side. be yourself - honesty distinguishes itself.

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Match making

Interpret first sight correctly for you. The decision lies only with the profile. If he has aroused your interest, only clarify it with one click of this person. Do you also arouse the interest of the other, you both stand in the way of each other. To exchange.

Be connected - soon!

We are currently in the development phase. And by the way: We are looking for investors who want a part of something innovative and unique.

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About Us

Our team has stayed on the ground and together with you we can build a great and above all fair and transparent platform.

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Edu Schweizer - CEO & Founder
Edu Schweizer
CEO & Founder
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Heino Meier
CHREO & Founder
Chris Matt - CTDO & Founder
Chris Matt
Maxi Berger - CCMO
Maxi Berger